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Product Description: If you’re looking to lose weight but the thought of going to the gym and running on a treadmill for hours is not your thing, then you might want to take a close look at Yoga Burn. It’s an online program that provides lots of great yoga poses and exercises, which will boost your metabolism. When that happens, it forces your body to burn more fat, which in turn means you’ll lose weight in the process.

What makes Yoga Burn different to other yoga courses, is that it uses a special technique called Dynamic Sequencing. So rather than perform the exact same exercises everyday, which your body quickly gets used to, you do a variety of exercises that build upon each other. This allows your body to transform over time, not force you to do things too fast. It’s a progressive program, that allows you to start from the ground and build up as you go through the entire system.

You get instant access to everything you need online, when you buy Yoga Burn. There’s complete guides and also videos, so you can see exactly what you need to do each day. And get this, you don’t even have to do it every day! You actually only need to dedicate just 3 days a week and 45 minutes each day. Almost everyone should be able to put that amount of time aside, even if they have a busy lifestyle.

If you’re someone who prefers physical products, then they’ve got you covered there too. There’s an option to buy the physical version and it will be delivered to your door on DVD. That means you can simply pop it into your DVD player and workout at home, without requiring internet access or a computer.

Created by a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor, Zoe Bray-Cotton has produced a product that delivers both in quality and also in results. If you want to lose weight and tone up your body, without having to do hours of cardio, then Yoga Burn is the product for you!

Retail Price: $37

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