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Product: The Lost Book of Remedies

Product Description: If you’re someone who prefers to use natural remedies only, then look no further than The Lost Book of Remedies. It’s a huge 300 page guide that is jam packed with natural remedies you can use to help cure all kinds of ailments. All the remedies use nothing but medicinal properties that you can find out in the open, so no need for expensive medicines or pills.

The product shows you where to find the ingredients for each remedy, what to look for, how to collect them and also how to create each remedy and put everything together. It targets everything from small ailments like headaches through to diseases like diabetes. The guide is really well organized and you can jump straight to an ailment or a plant, depending on what you are looking for.

The Lost Book of Remedies was created by an expert in survival techniques called Claude Davis. He has created lots of well received guides on remedies and healthy living and some of them are actually included for free when you buy this product. So the amount of value you receive is simply incredible.

Retail Price: $97

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