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Product Description: Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program specifically created to target women’s fat loss. It is a digital product that can be accessed instantly once purchased. Created especially for women over the age of 25, it deals with the effects of hormones that women have at certain stages of their lives. So it’s far more than a standard healthy eating and exercise type of program.

The product has been created by Carly Donovan, who was going through a terrible time trying to lose weight. After lots of trial and error, she finally discovered that the reason why she couldn’t lose weight, was because of her hormones. This lead her on a journey to discover more information, results and ultimately the creation of the Cinderella Solution.

The various chapters in the guide literally take you step by step, showing you everything you need to know. From igniting your fat loss at the beginning, which foods to eat, why timing and frequency is so important, when to eat and so much more. If you’ve over the age of 25 and struggling to lose weight, then you absolutely have to get your hands on a copy of this product.

If for whatever reason you aren’t satisfied, then no need to worry. You are covered by a no-nonsense 60 day money back guarantee. So you can simply request your money back at any stage during those 60 days and you’ll receive it with no questions asked.

Retail Price: $337

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